Single patient use

QuickOne® electrodes

QuickOne® are the first single patient use electrodes for vacuum ECG on the market. By using QuickOne®, you get the benefits of vacuum ECG while reducing the risk of infection, shortering the total examination time and reducing the patient’s discomfort. Use them together with our system for vacuum ECG, Decapus®.

All our electrode products goes under the name Quickels. This is the essential equipment for the streamlined modern ECG healthcare centre. The electrode sensor detects the ECG signal from the patient’s heart and transmits the signal via the vacuum system to the ECG recorder.

The benefits of QuickOne

Reduced infection risk

Reduced examination time

Easy attachment

Reduced discomfort

Quick and easy attachment

QuickOne® are easy to attach. The need for training is small and a high proportion of ECGs are obtained in a short time.

Reduced examination time

QuickOne® are easy to apply and remove, but the time savings come from that fact that few preparations are needed.

Reduced infection risk

The QuickOne® electrodes are a hygienic alternativ as they are not reused and do not need to be cleaned between patients.

Reduced discomfort

The electrode body material is kind to the patient’s skin and shaving can mostly be avoided.


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Effective and hygienic system for vacuum ECG

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