Replaceble electrodes

Quickels filter electrodes

The Quickels replaceable filter electrodes efficiently adhere to the patient, are easy to exchange and sustain a high hygienic factor. It is made of non-allergic material and the electrode itself is an Ag/AgCl sensor, fulfilling recommendations of AAMI. These features make the use of Decapus® III comparable to the use of adhesive electrode systems.

All our electrode products goes under the name Quickels. This is the essential equipment for the streamlined modern ECG healthcare centre. The electrode sensor detects the ECG signal from the patient’s heart and transmits the signal via the vacuum system to the ECG recorder.

The benefits of Quickels electrodes

Easy to use

Hygienic solution

Clear ECG trace

Save time and money

Non- allergic material

Quality control

Unique features

The unique features of Quickels are the patented signal modules and filter electrodes. The easily exchangeable filter electrodes, Quickels (Quick electrodes) can be changed when necessary, which means that from a hygienic point of view Quickels are comparable to adhesive electrodes.

The Quickels filter electrodes are easy to attach to the patient’s skin. The signal modules automatically maintain the chosen vacuum level even if a leak occurs and air gets in. This means that Quickels filter electrodes sit firmly and make good contact, with little risk of the patient feeling discomfort or of suction marks being left behind on his body.

The Ag/Ag-Cl electrodes require saline solution (Na-Cl) as an electrolyte for optimal signal quality. The saline solution can be applied either with a rug or sprayed. Together with saline solution the electrode offers a state of the art contact between patient and ECG-device.

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