System for vacuum ECG

Decapus III

Decapus III is a vacuum ECG system designed to be hygienic, easy to use and time-saving. The system has all the advantages normally associated with vacuum ECG, but lacks the disadvantages.

All our electrode products goes under the name Quickels. This is the essential equipment for the streamlined modern ECG healthcare centre. The electrode sensor detects the ECG signal from the patient’s heart and transmits the signal via the vacuum system to the ECG recorder.

The benefits of Decapus III

Fast startup

Easy to use

Mobile freedom

Hygienic solution

Save time and money

Clear ECG trace

Easy to use

Decapus III is developed with a focus on ease of use and efficiency. The operation is simple with an interactive control panel with four levels for vacuum, ergonomic design and easy-to-apply and easy-to-remove electrodes. No preparation is required for attaching the electrodes and they attach to both hairy and uneven skin. The disposable electrodes for vacuum ECG are always ready and no sterilization is required.

Mobile Freedom

The Decapus III can be equipped with a Li-Ion battery, which makes the system completely mobile and allows full freedom for the operator. The reinforced, easy exchangeable, patient cables with high tensile strength ensure good signal quality over long periods of time and for demanding use, such as at exercise examinations and and emergency wards. The system is also defibrillator protected.

Hygienic Solution

Decapus III is a hygienic system. The electrodes provide a high hygienic factor, equivalent to adhesive electrodes, and are easy to replace. Use the Quick Electrode (QN 500), our multi-use filter electrode. QuickOne (QN D500), is our upcoming Vacuum ECG disposable electrode.

Save time and money

Decapus III is designed to save time and money. Partly by making it easy and efficient for the operator to take ECG, partly by simplifying maintenance for the service department. Checking and troubleshooting can be done via computer on-site, printable PDF reports are generated and parts which wear out are easy to replace.

Reliable result

The mechanical design of our electrodes keeps the contact between electrode and skin stable and produces few motion artifacts. This results in a clear ECG trace even if the patient moves, as during an exercise test. Therefore is, Decapus III, together with our electrodes, a good choice for a successful ECG.

Largest in sweden on vacuum ECG

Decapus III is a safe and well-proven solution. We are the largest in Sweden regarding vacuum ECG systems and exists in 2/3 of the hospitals in Sweden. This means that the system has about 10 000 users just in Sweden.

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