The advantageous Quickels vacuum ECG system is the essential equipment for the streamlined modern ECG healthcare centre. It has been developed in close collaboration with cardiologists, nursing staff and manufacturers of ECG equipment over the past decade. This is a unique electrode-regulator-pump system.

Quickels vacuum ECG products

Effective, hygienic system for vacuum ECG

Decapus III

Decapus III is a vacuum ECG system designed to be hygienic, easy to use and time-saving. The system has all the advantages normally associated with vacuum ECG, but lacks the disadvantages.

ECG electrodes
Easy replaceble electrodes for vacuum ECG

Quickels filter electrodes

The Quickels filter electrodes efficiently adhere to the patient, are easy to exchange and gives a clear ECG trace.

Single patient use electrodes


QuickOne® are the first single patient use electrodes for vacuum ECG. By using QuickOne®, you get the benefits of vacuum ECG, while reducing the risk of infection, shortening the total examination time and reducing the patient’s discomfort. Use them together with our system for vacuum ECG, Decapus®.


Number one in Sweden

Cardiolex is one of the largest suppliers of vacuum ECG, ECG systems and ECG management systems in Sweden and is found in 2/3 of the Swedish hospitals. This means that the system has about 10,000 users in Sweden. Our electrodes are used in conjunction with our well-proven and time-saving system for vacuum ECG, the Decapus III system.


Our products produce a high proportion of interpretable ECGs in a short time, which saves time and work.


Our products give you quick access, a speedy startup process, an easy to use interface and quickly delivered data for the diagnosis.


Our ECG management system helps clinics and hospitals streamline their digital workflow.

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