EC Store

EC Store is used for secure long term ECG storage and archiving.

EC Store communicates with journal systems and public patient records. Patient information and examinations are stored in EC Store. The examinations are stored with high resolution so that no data is lost. Stored examinations can be retrieved to EC Sense or to our separate editing station EC View for editing, printing or confirmation.

At full integration with journal systems, examinations from EC Store can be displayed with a thin client, EC Web View. Lists of patients for the current day’s examinations can be retrieved to EC Sense from EC Store in DICOM format as well. It is possible to locally store examinations in EC Sense to send them later to EC Store. EC Store uses standard formats of transmission which makes it easy to integrate with journal systems, already existing ECG data bases or public patient records. Data from other measuring systems can be stored in EC Store directly after format transformation or later. EC Store is based on standard techniques that are scalable and safe.


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