ECG system & software

Highlighted Features

The motto of Cardiolex is ”Easy to use ECG”, and it is with that in mind that EC Sense designed. It should be easy to use, and require minimal training for the user. The menu is clear and easy to understand. All that is required to record an ECG is to:

  • Enter patient data, which is automatically done if EC Sense is connected to a central system
  • Press the button to start recording

Reliable and fast

Cardiolex EC Sense is one of the fastest systems on the market today. On average, it takes four seconds before a stable ECG is displayed. The system is designed to be easy to use and without compromising on quality.

When the user presses the button, EC Sense takes the last 10 seconds of data and analyzes them. Since the ECG is already displayed, just wait until the curve looks stable, thus ensuring good quality ECG directly without waiting.

High signal quality and clear ECG curves

EC sense collection unit has a recognized high signal quality, and a unique interference-proof design. EC Sense shows the ECG curve both filtered and unfiltered, so it is easy to see if there is any interference that would otherwise be masked by the filter.

​​​​​​​The high quality filters for baseline changes and 50 Hz interference effectively eliminate disturbances with minimal impact on the QRS signal.


The freedom of choice

As our customer you can choose if yoy want to build your own solution (EC Sense base) or buy a turn-key system (Standard, Pro, ToGo or Exercise ECG).

The system is programmable and follows the workflows defined by the user. It is fast and easy to save and access an ECG. The need for education is minimal for the normal user, yet the advanced user can use it to its full potential.

Automatic quality control

To minimize the risk of storing ECG of low diagnostic quality, there is also a built-in quality control. You can always be sure that your saved ECG is of high quality.


To further simplify for the user, there are a number of report formats to use. There are also opportunities to customize the format according to the needs – what do you need?

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