EC Sense Resting ECG System

EC Sense ECG System Standard is a cost-effective turn-key 12-lead PC-based ECG system for hospitals, private clinics, and other healthcare facilities. The system is designed to be easy to use and produce high quality ECG recordings.

The system consists of a mobile trolley, medical panel PC (fanless) with 22” touch function display, a washable medical keyboard and communication via WLAN and Ethernet. Interchangeable battery (hotswap) with at least five hours battery life. Choose between our wireless acquisition unit Lexor Blue and the wired Lexor USB.


EC Sense Resting ECG System

Lexor Blue

EC Sense ECG System Standard

Easy to use

Freedom of choice

Quality control

Patient control

Clear ECG Trace

Add on Options


EC Sense is characterized by its simple and intuitive use, which eliminates the risks for improper use. The system is programmable and follows the workflows defined by the user. The need for training is minimal for the normal user; yet the advanced user has every opportunity to grow with the system and use it to its full potential.


The turn-key systems are delivered ready-to-go, complete with a panel PC installed on the cart together with your choice of accessories. Exampels of such are baskets, printer, different attachments for patient cables and the Quickels’ vacuum ECG system. See accessory list for all selections.

Control of identified patient

The system controls the patient ID when connected to EC Store in order to verifry that input values are correct and exist. Depending on the country’s specific ID parameters, the system can extract information from the ID and notify external systems.

Quality control

To ensure analysis and storage of a high quality ECG trace with limited or no noise or disturbances, a one-click quality check is performed.

Various add on examination options

As its primary function, EC Sense provides Rest ECG, but it is easy to add options to increase the functionality. The chosen options are added without the need for any hardware or software upgrade, and the new function is available immediately.

Reliable results

The basis in our ECG systems is the EC Sense Lexor ECG acquisition unit with a noise-insensitive design, containing high quality signal disturbance filters enabling a clear ECG trace. This results in a high proportion of interpretable ECGs in a short period of time.


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