Other Options

This is a summary of the options available together with EC Sense. Options are added without additional installations, and the functionality is available immediately.

EC Sense Other Option summary


​​​​​​​Software for ECG interpretation, GRI, from the University of Glasgow.

EC Communication

​​​​​​​Bi-directional communication with EC Store for storage and retrievals of patient
information and ECG.

Advanced measurements (Caliper)

​​​​​​​Caliper is an option that provides digital measurements in ECG data and provides the
user with further possibilities to work without printouts.

EC Spiro Connect

​​​​​​​Collects information from exercise test and communicates with ergo spirometry
equipment. This option is always used together with Exercise ECG.


​​​​​​​Editing rest ECG on EC Sense not connected to EC Store.

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Read more about our options in the data sheet EC Sense Option Summary below.

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View the pdf to get more detailed information. The pdf is printable in size A4.