Long ECG

EC Sense Long ECG  provides longer recordings of ECG. Long ECG is used for recording long sequences of ECG for up to 60 minutes, digital mark-up of important moments and manual input on different parameters​​​​​​​.The option replaces long manual printouts and the result can be stored in EC Store for after-treatment.

EC Sense Option Long ECG summary

Easy to use

Starting up is easy. Enter patient data manually, from worklist or via the national registration. One klick on the Record button and the registration has started.

Easily monitoring in real time combined with long supervision of rhythm and no printouts makes this kind of registrations suitable for esophagus examinations, balance board, and other examinations where an uninterrupted recording is desired. Simply mark events in the ECG by pushing buttons, and custom parameters can be added and followed up upon.


After the recording is complete the EG can be shown as a whole, edited, printed, and sent for storage in EC Store. The whole recording can be shown in one lead or in detail in all twelve. A time anchor can be used to synchronize and show data and trends from the same moment.

Sections of the ECG can be chosen to the final report, and irrelevant parts can be deleted. The after-treatment is easily done in EC Sense, but the examination can also be sent to EC Store as a whole for editing just as in EC View.


  • All data is saved every 5th second, if anything goes wrong and the examination is aborted the data can be recreated
  • EC Monitor, an option for remote monitoring, gives the opportunity to monitor examinations via network


  • Decapus III vacuum system
  • Other options​​​​​​​
    • Extended measurement (Caliper)
    • Late potentials
    • EC Monitor, real time monitoring via network during Exercise ECG

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