EC Maintenance

Cardiolex offers an option to EC Sense, EC Maintenance, to minimize downtime and simplify service. A digital guide helps the user through the various steps in the preventive maintenance protocol.

EC Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

EC Maintenance is an option for EC Sense designed to streamline troubleshooting and preventive
maintenance (PM). A simple digital guide helps the user through the steps in the PM protocol and
produces a final protocol in PDF. EC Maintenance has amongst other features a high sensitivity for
detecting electrode errors and crosstalk between shield and leads.

Error logging

Troubleshooting logs with screenshots are easily generated by a keyboard shortcut from the device.
The logs are saved to a file directory, USB stick or other media. In order to send log files and
troubleshoot the system remotely, the ECG storage system EC Store® and a basic EC Store® support
agreement are required.

View pdf

View the pdf to get more detailed information. The pdf is printable in size A4.