Utvecklare till Cardiolex

Tillsatt! Vill du arbeta med avancerade och samhällsviktiga lösningar för sjukvården i ett litet, agilt och självorganiserande team? Då har du hittat rätt – varmt välkommen till Cardiolex! Om oss [...]

Svenskt användarmöte

Kom och var med på vårt användarmöte, träffa andra som också använder Cardiolex produkter och få den senaste informationen från Cardiolex, hoppas vi ses. Anmäl er innan den 6 mars. Anmäl dig här!

Happy Holidays!

The team at Cardiolex wish you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year 2023.We are grateful to what we have and want to help others by supporting the organization Giving People. The [...]

New function in EC Store

We consequently develop our products and have now added a new function in EC Store. To improve the patient workflow we offer a solution to import 12-lead ECG examinations from Philips Intellivue [...]

New release: EC Sense version 4.2.4

EC Sense version 4.2.4 is now released. This release includes a new GRI version and supports two new acquisition devices, Lexor 12 Blue with wireless functionallity and Lexor 12 [...]

EC View web is here

Do you like EC View? Did you know it is now possible to use EC View on the web! All the functionality that is available in EC View can now be accessed via any web connected device, such as iPad, [...]


All support errands should be sent to support@cardiolex.se were they will be handled of our support technicians. Hardware issues Please download a support note and attach it to your support [...]