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Cardiolex Medical AB is a Swedish Med. Tech. company with headquarters in Solna, Sweden. We develop and market reliable and easy to use ECG devices and ECG management systems. Our mission statement is ”Easy to use ECG”, and that is what defines our solutions.

The Cardiolex’ ECG products are well suited for a wide range of customers, from hospitals to private doctors. They have been well received by the market and are considered ”top of the line” products with high functionality and quality.
​Our products stand for high quality, easy to use and ergonomic design which supports and ease the work process for the user.

Since December 2015 Cardiolex Medical AB is owned by MedCap (publ.)


Number one in Sweden

Cardiolex is one of the largest suppliers of systems for vacuum ECG, ECG systems and ECG management systems in Sweden and our solutions can be found in 2/3 of the Swedish hospitals. This means that the system has about 10,000 users in Sweden.


We pride ourselves on providing ECG solutions, which are easy to use, with a strong commitment to efficiency and quality for all users from private clinics, to university hospitals.

Cardiolex products are designed to meet the highest product quality requirements and patient safety standards. Our Quality Management System (QMS) provides us with the tools to meet our quality objectives of providing high product quality, high customer service few customer complaints.

Cardiolex is certified according to ISO 13485 and have CE marked diagnostic ECG-devices according to EU MDR 2017/745.

Easy to use

With a well-functioning and reliable workflow and small educational needs ECG-exams becomes less time consuming. We also have state of the art IT-solutions for ECG-interpretations.


The Cardiolex way

We develop reliable and easy to use ECG devices and ECG management systems. Our mission statement is ”Easy to use ECG”, and that is what defines our solutions.


Close collaboration

Our products are developed in close collaboration with clinical personnel and research institutions, which helps us to develop relevant products that are in demand.

A leading company

The ECG-solution of the future

– We see our products as an integrated part of the future healthcare and our goal is to be a preferred partner within ECG recording and ECG data management.
/Johanna Genberg, CEO of Cardiolex


Easy to use

Effective workflow

High patient safety

High signal quality

Cost-effective solutions


Our products produce a high proportion of interpretable ECGs in a short time, which saves time and work.


Our products give you quick access, a speedy startup process, an easy to use interface and quickly delivered data for the diagnosis.


Our ECG management system helps clinics and hospitals streamline their digital workflow.

Recycling for the future

We have a responsibility to contribute to sustainable production and supply chain and we aim for a high rate of recyclability of the packaging materials we use in our products. That is why we collaborate with NPA, a nationwide recycling system for packaging, who help us promote a sustainable business and to meet our obligations as a producer. Read more about NPA here.

We are connected to El-Kretsen

As a manufacturer of electrical devices we need to report the amount of electrical equipment we put on the Swedish market, to do this we use El-kretsen. The tool/webpage Cardiolex Medical uses enables us as a company to take responsibility in the recycling of electrical devices. El-Kretsen is currently cooperating with companies all over the country and has as goal to make it easy for suppliers to take responsibility.

The company is a non-profit and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, the organisation is small but efficient and works for qualitative solutions for the environment as well as the economic aspect.