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Cardiolex deliver a complete solution for ECG, focusing on simplicity, efficient workflow and high quality.

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Integrated system

We are open to connect our systems with any device or system that produce or manage ECG data. Already today our systems successfully connect to a variety of hospital information systems and other ECG platforms.

About Cardiolex

A leading company

– Our systems and solutions are developed in close collaboration with customers in Sweden and we see our products as an integrated part of the future health care. /Johanna Genberg, CEO of Cardiolex

Training & Support

Scalable & Safe

We provide training in how to use and service our products, and we offer customized support contracts that fits your needs and aim to minimize interruptions in your workflow.​​​

Fast Facts

Top three reasons

Easy to use

We create products that are easy to use, minimising the need for training for the operator, the risk of errors and the examination time.


Our products give you quick access, a speedy startup process, an easy to use interface and quickly delivered data for the diagnosis. Our products produce a high proportion of interpretable ECGs in a short time, which saves time and work.

High quality

We focus on offering products that last a long time and produce high quality results that are easy to interpret.

Number one in Sweden

About us

Easy to use ECG –
High quality results

Cardiolex Medical AB is a Swedish Med. Tech. company with headquarters in Solna, Sweden. We develop and market reliable and easy to use ECG devices and ECG management systems. Our mission statement is ”Easy to use ECG”​, and that is what defines our solutions.

The Cardiolex ECG products are well suited for a wide range of customers, from hospitals to private doctors. They have been well received by the market and are considered ”top of the line”​ products with high functionality and quality.

Our products stand for high quality, ease of use and ergonomic design which supports the work process for the user. They are designed to meet the highest product quality requirements and patient safety standards.



Easy to use

Effective workflow

High signal quality

High patient safety

High operator safety

Cost-effective solutions


Trusted for Life

With our products and solutions you get a workflow that is effective and reliable. We offer a complete solution within ECG, from receiving the ECG signal from the patient to managing and storing generated data. With our easy to use products you will have small educational needs and ECG-exams will be quick and produce high-quality results.


Our systems gives reliable, expert results in high quality – quick and easy. There is no need for extensive training for the operator.


Fast startup time, easy to use, very short time to a finished result. Our systems are perfect for emergency situations.


Reliable results, easy application and easy maintenance. With our systems you get a perfect solution for ECG exams.


Our products work for a wide range of users. Our systems exist on 2/3 of Swedish hospitals, and has over 10 000 users in Sweden alone.

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